Cindy Boehley

It is my mission to help you uncover your true power and restore your inner balance so that you may achieve total well-being.

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My name is Cindy Boehley. I consider it an honor and a privilege that you have visited my website. I am a professional Spiritual Medium and Soul Energy Coach. You have come to the right place if you are looking to take control of your life and remember who you truly are.

At certain times in our lives we find ourselves blocked or struggling to make the right decisions. During our sessions I encourage you to shift your perception and assist you in defining your inner purpose. At the core of every session lies the transformation of beliefs and the translation of messages from your Higher Self. Each session is unique because we vibrate energetically moment to moment at a particular frequency. The higher the vibration of your energy the lighter you feel. Naturally the quality of your life improves. Each session incorporates a connection to Source Energy and to the infinite wisdom of the Divine.

It is my mission to help you uncover your true power so that you may proper and achieve well-being.

We will achieve this by connecting and redirecting your awareness to the consciousness of your Higher Self. Your inner world will open to a new level that supports and reveals what is truly achievable so that you may live a life of pure joy.

I look forward to working with you,

With deep Gratitude and Appreciation,

Cindy Boehley


Spiritual Mediumship

During a Mediumship reading, our loved ones come in spirit to support us and let us know that we are not alone. I am honored to channel for you to bring forth comfort and healing in your life.


Soul Energy Coaching

Our private Soul sessions will connect you to the subtle energies that bring awareness and balance to all facets of your life. Channeling seeks to foster the flow of your inner consciousness.

Physical/Emotional Body Attunement

The body is a projection of our consciousness. Our emotions and beliefs are the sum total of ourselves. Human emotions affect the body’s health.


We are all Energy

Connecting to Source Energy is the illuminating principle behind any idea, because all potential energy holds the power to shape our lives. Since we are all connected to Source Energy we share this profound link to the Divine Intelligence. We are empowered to access this life force whenever we choose. As we begin to understand this concept, we can see that Source Energy actively seeks balance or alignment in all forms of life.

My intention for you is to discover your personal life force so that you become more aware of the divine love that is constantly supporting and guiding you every step of the way.


The influence of this formless energy can be referred to as your Soul or Higher Self. It permeates any resistance that your body or mind might offer. Because we know the universe is constantly vibrating, you and everything else is changing; evolving. Essentially, as I channel, I am here to remind you of the steady flow of energy coming from this non-resistant space for your benefit, which will help you achieve anything you desire.

You will learn when you are disallowing or disconnecting from the Soul/Higher Self. In doing so, you will be guided to redirect your awareness to the consciousness of your Higher Self and the grander Universe. Your readings will give you the experience of looking into a Whole New World that supports and reveals to you what is achievable through the wisdom of your inner being or Soul. This World I am mentioning to you is Source/the Soul that wants to reconnect to the power that is you and to live a life of joy.

It is my mission to uncover the predominately positive aspects of the Source within you so that you may prosper and achieve well-being. The Source energy is instantly available to you and understood by you.